By donating to Orbis today, you’ll help more doctors like Dr Battsetseg Baljinnyam connect with other doctors around the world and provide better care to patients like Sarnai. You’ll help to ensure more children like Sarnai don’t lose their sight and have a brighter future. Thank you.

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Your monthly donation could pay towards sight-restoring surgery for a child
Your monthly donation could train a nurse on board the Flying Eye Hospital
Your monthly donation could equip a surgeon to perform sight-saving operations on the Flying Eye Hospital
Could help more children in Mongolia and around the world read, play and have a brighter future.
Could pay towards a specialist eye chart that uses symbols rather than letters for children who are too young to read
Could pay for an eye health professional to attend training on a non-invasive eye examination showing early signs of serious eye conditions
Your donation will help save sight and change lives all over the world
Through Gift Aid, you could boost your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you.
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